100 HAPPY DAYS: Are We Living a Sad Life?

Ever since I became a writer/social media specialist, I have been in a love-hate relationship with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. Social media has been a part of my daily routine from morning till night. And even in between sleep, you know that moment when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night from a deep slumber (maybe it’s because of a mosquito or a cold breeze caressing your thigh), the first thing that I’ll be grabbing is my smartphone. And yes, you got it; I tap on the Facebook icon on the screen and check for notifications. What an addict!

The reason why I’m opening up to you guys about my relationship with Facebook is that I’ve been seeing this trending topic (hash tag) of 100 Happy Days on my newsfeed lately. And out of curiosity (again), I started searching what is this #100happydays is all about.
100 happy days
The challenge is quite simple actually. All you need is to submit a photo of what made you happy everyday for 100 days on your Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account with a hash tag #100happydays. Or, you can register through their site if you prefer it to be private.

To be honest, I just posted a photo for my 100HappyDays portfolio. You can see them in my Tumblr photo blog, 365DaysofRock. I am a busy, busy girl and this challenge made me realize one thing: do I have time to notice the things that makes me happy? Do I have the time to make other people happy?

Pursuit of Happiness

On the other hand, this is not the first time I’ve seen a post about finding happiness or living a happy life. I’ve seen several articles enumerating tips on how to be happy whether it’s about your work, your friends, your love life, or about life in general. Sometimes it makes me wonder, are we living a sadder life now? Is happiness that elusive and rare? How hard is it to find happiness and satisfaction these days that many people need the advice of some inspirational speaker, book author, etc. to make meaning out of their lives?

Well, unfortunately, yes. Personally, I believe many of us are living a sadder life these days. While Facebook and other social media networks are able to bridge the gap between people from coast to coast, and the internet just being readily available and always updated with all the information in the world, we can’t deny that it’s a double edge sword. If not handled and used responsibly, we’ll end up hating ourselves, hating our lives.

So if you want to live a happier life, this is the first step that you should take: GET OFFLINE. Did you notice how happier and simpler life is back then when Facebook has not been born yet? Many Facebook users tend to show off the good things happening in their life. Because seriously, who would post about losing money, or getting raped or physically abused or killing someone (well unless you’re an attention whore that’s for sure)?

You don’t find friends updating their status on how they cheated on their partners and how miserable they are doing that. Or, have you seen a Tweet saying ‘I just robbed my friend today because I’m so hungry. #bankrupt’. No. No you don’t. Like any other book, social media is edited. You only upload those things that you are proud of like travel, buying a new car or gadget, or getting a promotion, or a sweet photo of you and your partner though in reality you guys are at war everyday.

Seeing these things everyday, you’ll start feeling sorry about your life. You start getting bored and jealous and question yourself and your existence. You start thinking if you have chosen the right path or career. You become unhappy.

So instead of spending your day looking at your News Feed, why not find other things to do? You can read a book or watch a movie. If you’re into internet marketing like me, find sites that are actually informative instead of logging into gossip blogs.

It’s the same thing as flipping through the covers of fashion magazines and worshiping those skinny ass bitches. I’m not saying that we should boycott these publications. We all have to do accept the fact that we are born differently; we have different body types; different facial features; different heights; different skin colors and so on. Do not try to fit in into something you can never be. But rather, accept what you have and find out how to work your assets. Have a big booty? Look for fashion tips on how to buy pants or skirts that flatters your ass. Don’t jump on the bandwagon of those who are taking starvation diet programs that puts your life endanger. Don’t set goals that aren’t really fitting for your body type.

Next thing you have to do to achieve a happier life is to learn when to say yes and when to say no. If you’re a Jim Carrey fan, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen ‘Yes Man’. The concept is the same. Say yes to life but say no when you really have to. Saying no can be healthy sometimes. It strengthens your judgment and you’re not like a bamboo tree that just sways to what direction the wind blows.

Start minding your own business. While it is inevitable to hear gossips and news about your friends and colleagues, do not dedicate your life getting updates to personal issues that you are not directly affected with. If someone says something to you, you can just put in your two cents and move on. If the troubled person is asking for an advice, help them out. Don’t go out bragging how you’ve helped so and so cope with their problems.

Last but not the least, you should keep in mind that happiness is a decision. It’s a personal choice. If you want to be happy, choose to be happy. YOU HAVE TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF WHY YOU CAN’T BE HAPPY. Life goes on. Time heals all wounds. Everybody moves on. And all that cliché.

‘Mas madaling ipaliwanag kung bakit ako masaya kesa ipaliwanag kung bakit ako malungkot. Kaya pinili kong maging masaya. (It’s easier to explain why I’m happy rather than explaining the reason why I’m sad. So I chose to be happy.)’

– Tado Jimenez

Maria Espie

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